Moya Bath Oil – Rosemary [Free Shipping]


Bath oil specific for bubble bath.

Moya Bath Oil – Eucalyptus
Beauty Effects – Eucalyptus oil clears acne and skin blemishes by reducing excessive oiliness. It promotes the regeneration of skin tissue and can also soothe the pain of sunburn.
• Emotional Effects – Eucalyptus oil’s stimulating and refreshing nature helps overcome sluggishness. During times of emotional overload, it can restore balance, improve concentration and increase intellectual capacity.
Soothes cold sores, wet cough, flu, promotes wound healing and respiratory problems.
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Moya offers 7 kinds of essential oils, each with their own therapeutic and healing effects. Whether you just need something to relax or to treat certain illnesses, Moya has the oil for you!

– Imported from Germany
– No alcohol
– Formulated for hydrotherapy, hydrophilic
– Refined and mild
– Natural fragrance
– No artificial or emulsifiers

Use the Moya Essential Oils together with the SG-2000 HomeSpa System today and discover a total healthy lifestyle.

Content: 200ml, 5~10ml/bath.

Moya Bath Oil – Rosemary
– Improves blood circulation, metabolism
– Lowers blood pressure, relieves bronchitis, migraine, lethargy
– May eases stress

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