AFG Super White Home Spa Bathtub Model 50


Material: Fiberglass
Place of Origin: Malaysia
Brand Name: AFG
Model Number: Model 50
Colour: White
Size: 50in (L) x 27in (W) x 20in (D)/ 1270mm x686mm x 508mm
App. Weight (kg) : 26kg
App. Capacity (litres): 268L

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Our bath tub is proudly manufactured in MALAYSIA, it is made of solid surface material for long lifespan usage. This oval 50 bath tub has elegant balanced proportion of integral raised headrest which provides a more comfortable for neck and head positioning.

AFG Super White Home SPA Bath Tub Model 50
- modern Free-standing bathtub for family
- Proudly manufactured in MALAYSIA
- Made of solid surface material for long lifespan usage
- No installation required!
- Experience seller : we are selling Model 50 more than 10 years in the market



Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 127 × 68.6 × 50.8 cm
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