Moya Bath Oil – Lavender [Free Shipping]


Bath oil specific for bubble bath.
Lavender (BEST SELLER)

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Moya offers 7 kinds of essential oils, each with their own therapeutic and healing effects. Whether you just need something to relax or to treat certain illnesses, Moya has the oil for you!
– Imported from Germany
– No alcohol
– Formulated for hydrotherapy, hydrophilic
– Refined and mild
– Natural fragrance
– No artificial or emulsifiers
Use the Moya Essential Oils together with the SG-2000 HomeSpa System today and discover a total healthy lifestyle.
Content: 200ml, 5~10ml/bath.
Lavender : BEST SELLER
– Relaxes, Soothes, restores and balances your body and mind.
– Ease tension for a comfortable sleep.
– Excellent for refreshing tired muscles, feet and head.
– Treats burns and reduces scaring.
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