“The ex -husband does not give freedom”

How tactfully and painlessly explain to the ex -husband with whom we still live under one roof, that I need freedom, that I want to find my person? I’m trying to say that I feel only friendly and related feelings for him. But I’m afraid to talk about it directly, I know that he will be offended and angry, he will perceive it as a betrayal.

Your husband has not yet been a reality of a divorce. Everything except some details remains the same, you continue to live under one roof. First of all, you should strive to change this situation as soon as possible, find a separate housing for each of you.

You need to be very consistent in your behavior: you dispersed, and that says it all. Behave so that the ex -husband could not interpret your words and actions in

two ways so that they do not contain a promise that you still have. Когда брак длится долго, люди привыкают автоматически трактовать те или иные слова, жесты, даже позу партнера определенным образом. When it is found that in today’s reality this interpretation is already incorrect, disappointment, anger, even rage may occur.

Of course, until the adoption of a new status of your relationship has occurred, the ex -husband will not accept any words about your independence. Apparently, you will need some more time for him to realize what the divorce really means. You probably will have to remind him again and why and why you divorced.

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